Thursday, January 1, 2015

Memorizing Scripture with Music

All through my years teaching my sons Bible verses and helping them to memorize them, nothing works as well, in my honest opinion, as singing the verse.

I personally like to make up my own tunes for the verses. It is a creative outlet for me, and can be a lot of fun to come up with just the right tune for the verse(s).

Either the tune comes right away to me, or it doesn't come at all. If  no tune comes, or I'm feeling a bit lazy, I'll check a great new app called Scripture Singer and see if the verse is available on it (more on this lovely **FREE** app in a little bit).

If all else fails, we resort to rote memorization or speaking the verse in a rhythm - which really isn't that bad of an option either.

A method which I like for organizing the scriptures we are memorizing is writing the verse on a  3x5 index card. All the cards go in an index card file, and we keep them in fairly a chronological order according to when we learned them.

Those that we know very well (and have repeated a bunch and mastered) are kept in the back. Those that are newer are toward the front.

The ones in the front we try to review every day. Those toward the back are reviewed once a week or less.

It's a simple method that works great for us.

The Scripture Singer App

OK, so this great app I mentioned earlier called Scripture Singer is available for both Apple and Android devices. Woot!

I know not everyone likes or thinks they can make up their own tunes to Bible verses. Well, you are going to love this app! It is a free app which has a LOT of Bible verses which are beautifully sung.

If you don't like making up your own tunes, or need a tune in a hurry, give this app a try.

There is something pretty amazing about music and memorization. I have used it over and over again as an aid in our homeschool.

All ages can benefit by memorizing scripture with a catchy little tune, and at the same time hiding God's word in our hearts. What a fun, and beautiful thing!
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