Saturday, February 22, 2014

Family Initial Sign

Our main bath has been in need of an update for some time.  I wasn't ready to do a full renovation, but something new on the wall would be a welcome change.  

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top-of-the-morning Oatmeal

Mornings can get pretty routine.  So can breakfast.  We usually grab the boxed cereal and milk and have an easy serve-yourself kind of a meal.  It's simple, not a lot of mess or dirty dishes, and everyone can operate on their own timetable to get ready for the day.  However, there are definitely times when the cornflakes just aren't going to cut it.  Today I woke up with the sun shining brightly on the deep blanket of white snow in my backyard.  A chill was in the air.  I needed a real pick-me-up to help bolster me through these winter blues.  What better way to get a start to feeling good and healthy than a loaded bowl of steamy oatmeal with all the works.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

First Post Ever - and President's Day Fun

After tossing it around in my mind for some time now, I have taken the initiative to start this blog.  Being a homeschooling mother of five sons, I have lots of things going on!  I will be sharing many aspects of my life with you.  Hopefully you will find some things that you will find helpful and encouraging for you.  

Today was President's Day which means no school for the kids.  They were happy for that!  And to be truthful, I was ready for a longer weekend too.  However, even with no traditional school, I did have plans for the boys today.  Although not all on my list was accomplished, we did get to the one I really wanted to try.  Yesterday I purchased a set of three 8x10 inch canvases at Walmart for less than $4.  I wasn't sure what they would think about painting on a canvas since they had never done it.  They were excited!  Yay!  I showed them some ideas I had stored on my Pinterest arts & crafts board, and they each found one that gave them inspiration.  

Here is what my 5th grader created with acrylic paints and painter's tape:

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