Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top-of-the-morning Oatmeal

Mornings can get pretty routine.  So can breakfast.  We usually grab the boxed cereal and milk and have an easy serve-yourself kind of a meal.  It's simple, not a lot of mess or dirty dishes, and everyone can operate on their own timetable to get ready for the day.  However, there are definitely times when the cornflakes just aren't going to cut it.  Today I woke up with the sun shining brightly on the deep blanket of white snow in my backyard.  A chill was in the air.  I needed a real pick-me-up to help bolster me through these winter blues.  What better way to get a start to feeling good and healthy than a loaded bowl of steamy oatmeal with all the works.

When I cook my oatmeal, I don't measure anything.  I eyeball it and add oats to my boiling water until the consistency seems right.  After an occasional stir of the cooking pot of goodness, the mixture is ready in just a few minutes.  I like to add a tablespoon of sucanat (or brown sugar if my sucanat has ran out), a healthy dose of organic raisins and chopped walnuts, a sliced ripe banana, a tablespoon of ground flaxseed, and enough soymilk to make the oatmeal just right.

This is a great way to start the day.  It is packed with nutrition and fiber for a healthy start to your day.
What do you put on your oatmeal?


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