Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Coffered Ceiling Project

After six months of sawdust, tools laying around, and general disarray in our office, our new coffered ceiling is FINISHED!!!  We are so happy with it!  It certainly was a lot of work for my husband, but he did a fantastic job with near perfection at every joint.  He is such a talented man!

Screwing the first board up committed us to this project!  You can see the chalk marks my husband put up to guide him where the boards would be going.

This ceiling is made of oak and we stained it to match the woodwork in our house.  

The recessed lighting was something we went back and forth on as to whether to put it in or not.  I am so glad we did, since it adds so much beauty to the ceiling, and gives so much better lighting in the room.

We all signed our names in the structural part which was later hidden by the oak.  Maybe someday someone will find it. We like to leave little hidden messages when possible in building projects.

My husband says there is about 500 pounds of wood hanging up on the ceiling now, so he had to secure it well.  

I love the way our office looks now.  It makes it a very cozy, inviting place to work.

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